A good book worth reading: Winter Kills.

winter-killsJust finished “Winter Kills“, by Richard Condon, who is most famous for writing the (twice filmed) thriller “The Manchurian Candidate.”  The book is set and was written in 1974, and is the story of  an investigation by the younger brother of President Timothy Kegan into his brother’s JFK style assassination in 1960. It’s basically a secret history of the JFK killing, and follows the brother’s efforts, alongside his Joe Kennedy-esque father, to discover who really killed the president when a dying man confesses to being the second shooter.

It boasts a salty, sexist humour and the story rattles along nicely, taking the reader  up and down so many false or possibly false leads that you’re not sure who is telling the truth about anything. It’s an entertaining journey which goes full throttle right to the last heavily symbol laden page. Incidentally, it was made into a movie starring Jeff Bridges and John Huston in 1979.

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