A good hurler is not necessarily a good brain surgeon.






You can't play hurling with a scalpel either!

Imagine being told that someone you loved had a brain tumour that could kill them, but the good news was that it was operable. Imagine the relief. Then you meet the surgeon. He doesn’t know anything about brain surgery. Never done it before, never even that interested in it. But Jaysus, you want to see him with a hurley in his hand. Pure magic. You’d feel better, right? Knows f**k all about brain surgery, which is what you would like him to know, but what about the hurling?

Curiously, whereas we expect our pilots, surgeons, firemen, electricians, plumbers and butchers to actually have experience in what they are doing, we don’t apply the same rule to the people we choose to run our €180 billion economy, or our €50 billion national budget.

There was much speculation recently that iconic goalkeeper Packie Bonner was about to be chosen to represent Fianna Fail in the forthcoming European Elections, in the hope of winning one of the twelve seats out of 750 seats in the parliament to which Ireland is entitled.

He turned it down. The fact is, Packie Bonner is a national hero, and rightly so. But has he ever expressed anything to make us believe that he would make a good  legislator at European level? Maybe I am doing him a disservice. Perhaps Mr. Bonner is both interested and well informed on European issues, and if so, then I apologise. But that will be news to many, and if not it raises a bigger point about what sort of people our parties are choosing to run, and the subsequent effect on how are country itself is run.

I would not choose many of these guys to perform surgery on me, not because I doubt their decency or compassion, but their lack of expertise in that particular field. Why should we not apply that rule to how we run our country?



One thought on “A good hurler is not necessarily a good brain surgeon.

  1. Hi Jason. Good meeting you the other night. I would also add that while we don’t have anyone with worthwhile qualifications running our economy it really isn’t a surprise given the level of economic understanding of the typical voter. Should basic economics be part of the standard junior curriculum?

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