A mate visits Police State UK.

'Ello 'ello 'ello!
‘Ello ‘ello ‘ello!

An interesting email I received recently from a mate of mine. He’s agreed to me reposting it.

” Just back from London/Brussels.

I was amazed out how much London has become  a police state since my last visit there 4 years ago.  Counted at least  57 CCTV cameras viewing me from the platform to the exit from a tube station.  Gave up counting the number of CCTV cameras that appear to be everywhere.  Spotted only about 5 in Brussels in total, and they were probably only traffic cameras.

Got stopped from taking photographs by the police 5 times in London and by security officials in buildings 5 times, not withstanding the fact that all photographs were been taken from public areas.  It would appear that using a camera in the UK has now become illegal, as I pointed out to the security gobshite in the Millenium Dome, who agressively asked my why I was taking a camera into the building, and lectured me on how I was not allowed to take photographs in the building.  I asked him did this policy extend to the 5 individuals taking photographs with their mobile phones at that moment in time or just to people carrying readily identifiable cameras!

One security guard demanded to see the photographs I had taken from a public area.  Naturally, I pointed out to him that he had no powers of arrest or the right to search. He still insisted , as he claimed he had authority.  Naturally, I told him where to stick it and moved on. The country has become paranoid.  Kind of ironic when they bang on about control from Europe.  Maybe they should have a look at their own state first ! Brussels was a breath of fresh air in comparison.”



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