A message from Roger Cole, Chair of PANA.

I wish I was talented enough to be able to write material like this. In particular, I love the last line.

“PANA is really only an idea, as with an annual income of less than €10,000, what else could it be. The idea is that Ireland should be a United Independent Democratic Republic with its own Independent Foreign Policy with neutrality at its heart.It is an idea that originated in 1790 with Wolfe Tone. Throughout the 19th and early 20th century the Irish political elite gave their allegiance to the British Union and its imperial wars until the 1916 Rising broke their power over the Irish people. It took some time before the Irish imperialists regrouped and the Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Labour elite gave their allegiance the European Union and its Battle Groups. However, as between 50,000-100,000 Irish people cheered on Saturday 27 as once more the 1916 Proclamation was read outside the GPO, as a clear majority of the people in the Donegal by-election voted for supporters of the Proclamation,  we can realistically ask, has the time for that idea come again? As Admiral Mullen, Chair of the US military Joint Chiefs of Staff and the real boss of the US/EU/NATO military axis states war with Iran is being considered, will the Irish political elite be able to sustain their power over the Irish people as they are drag! ged not only into mass poverty but yet another war? PANA has resisted these Irish imperialists since our foundation. We are part of a tradition that has resisted imperialism for 220 years. We shall never surrender.” 

3 thoughts on “A message from Roger Cole, Chair of PANA.

  1. There is some irony in the Peace and Neutrality Alliance hailing the 1916 Rising (what was that about England’s difficulty being Ireland’s opportunity, and why was England in some difficulty, oh the war, cos we were being all neutral and what not) and the election of someone* whose party proclaims itself part of a republican movement that was very gung-ho (up to quite recently) about the use of arms in attainment of political ends and was anything but neutral where the Cold War was concerned. Yet such is the irony of politics.

    *what was that about a clear majority, are they including Pringle & Sweeney in with Doherty in the anti-imperialist vote? Cos if so that’s a bare majority not a clear one.

  2. But you have, already.

    Didn’t you read the small print of the Lisbon Treaty ?

    Poor Ireland – sacrificed on the altar of Euro Integration.

    Kind regards

  3. Of course Roger fails to point out that he is a member of the Labour part of that FF/FG/Lab elite he rails against.

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