A new party? Fair enough, but ask yourself this: Whose votes do you not want?

Who are you voting against?

Who are you voting against?

“If only there was someone to vote for!” goes out the cry. The country, it seems, is crying out for a new party. Or is it? Sure, we can do the usual guff of announcing a new party that will stand up for “the people” but then, aren’t FF fundraisers people? Murderers? Bank robbers? Isn’t Gary Glitter a person? It’s not good enough. If you want a real new party, it has to be clear who it is against.

Sure, we have the Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party (People Before Profit, as they call themselves in Foxrock.) and they are pretty sure who they are against. Anyone who owns a business or employs someone in the private sector. That’s who they have it in for. But what about those of us who actually think being a self employed plumber or owning a cafe or employing people is a noble trade, who do we vote for? And there’s the thing: FF and FG will jump up, and say “We’re your men!”

But we don’t want to vote for them. And anyway, they’re everybody’s men. They might as well be standing on street corners in hotpants. Moreover, how can they be for private sector business and the public sector and people on welfare and farmers? Well, they are, and what we get is the paralysis of the current political system where our two main parties are afraid to say boo to anybody.   

Want a new party? It needs to ask itself one question:

Given a choice, what’s your priority: A.) Cuts in public spending, or  B.) Higher taxes on take-home pay?

If they can’t answer that one with a one vowel answer, they’re not worth having, because either answer tells us pretty much all we need to know about their economic policies, and if they try to have it both ways, then you’re probably talking to an FF/FG candidate anyway.


One thought on “A new party? Fair enough, but ask yourself this: Whose votes do you not want?

  1. A)

    The PDs lost there edge paling up to FF for too long taking non econmic portfolios, what we really need is the PDs of the ’80s.

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