A nice stocking filler for someone.

Good family fun.

Good family fun.

I recently purchased the boardgame “Quoridor” having read a review of it in the London Independent, and if you like your boardgames, this is a treat. Two to four players, it takes a minute to learn the rules, and what starts out as a deceptively simple game turns rapidly into a battle of shifting alliances as players manouvere to block each other. Very nicely presented, with wooden board and pieces in a smart box. You can order it here. And no (He says with a tiresome tone.) they’re not paying me to plug their product. I wish they would. I really am easily corruptible.

2 thoughts on “A nice stocking filler for someone.

  1. No, we’re not paying him to plug this product. But we would like to point out that its not ‘ours’; Quoridor is made by a nice French company called Gigamic. we just sell it (and we’re happy to do so). Nice blog btw and thanks for the plug.

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