A task for the new government: Reassure us over our natural resources.

I recently posted comments about the Corrib Gas controversy, and got some very useful remarks back from readers. The reason I raised the issue was because I’ve noticed in recent times people raising the issue, and not just the usual suspects either. It seems to me that there is a uneasy disquiet about how our natural resources are being handled.

What I would suggest as a way of settling the matter would be for the government to appoint an individual of integrity, possibly from outside the country and the energy industry, to commission a short, straightforward report outlining what the actual situation is, how the decisions were made that got us here, and who made them, and the comparisons to other countries. I’m not looking for a multi-million euro report or tribunal, just a straight, believable text that  explains the situation.

That is surely not a lot to ask for to ensure national peace of mind over the matter? 

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