Abolishing the Seanad: trust your gut instinct.

1. If it was as good and as useful as some people say, don’t you think you might have noticed?

2. The Seanad’s PRIMARY function is to provide an emergency parachute for failed TDs. That’s why it’s elected 3 months after the Dail, to give them time to canvass, elected by OTHER politicians (because real voters rejected them) and reserves 16 seats for candidates nominated by other politicians. Do we really need to create 54 spare jobs for failed candidates?

3. How can it be a power grab if the Seanad has no power? In 76 years the Seanad has blocked 1 bill. 1. By accident. In 1963 a senator got drunk and lost his way to the chamber. Power grab?

4. Fianna Fail, who designed the Seanad to stop 97% of Irish citizens from having a vote in it, now say they want a reformed democratic Seanad. Fianna Fail, along with Fine Gael, Labour, and the Progressive Democrats, blocked democratic Seanad reform EVERY SINGLE TIME they were in power. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In your gut you know we need a Dail, ministers, and a supreme court. Probably even a president. Does your gut honestly tell you we need 60 fully paid and pensioned taxpayer funded senators? Really?

Make your first Seanad vote your last. Vote YES to get rid of this yoke.

One thought on “Abolishing the Seanad: trust your gut instinct.

  1. Oh dear, telling people to trust their gut intincts. Okay, my gut tells me Enda Kenny is a liar, a pompous little man puffed up with his own importance who hates anyone who disagrees with him. My gut tells me the Labour party are divided and going along for the ride with their Nazi style poster (One people, one parliament….). And Gerry Adams. So, yes, I’ll vote with my gut and vote No.

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