An enjoyable movie: The Peacemaker.

Mimi Leder’s 1997 thriller “The Peacemaker”, starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman is very much of its time, based around a conspiracy to smuggle stolen Soviet nuclear weapons tied into the civil war in Yugoslavia. Clooney and Kidman are part of an US Special Forces unit operating in Europe (shades of Team America:World Police here) trying to locate the weapons through a mixture of detective work and helicopter gunships.

On its release, the movie, although doing respectably financially, was not the big hit that was expected of it, which is a pity because it is an entertaining romp across Europe with Clooney in particular playing his usual wise-cracking but vicious when he needs to be rugged self. Kidman plays what she always plays, the highly competent slightly icy professional woman out to get respect, and the lack of a romantic backdrop between the two actually helps the movie.

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