An interesting book you should read: A Disturbance of Fate.

What if RFK had lived?

What if RFK had lived?

First, a warning. This is a a dense tome, and is written in the style of a detailed history book from a world radically different from out own. The basic premise is that Robert F. Kennedy survives an assasination attempt in 1968, and goes on to become President. “A Disturbance of Faith” is obviously a labour of love by its author, Mitchell J. Friedman, and requires a fair bit of knowledge of the state of US politics in the late 1960s, but for aficionados, it’s a fascinating read. It’s very much a liberal fantasy piece, although it is interesting how much more to the left US politics actually was in the past, compared to today, and if anything, highlights how the American Left pretty much walked off the pitch in the late 1970s.    

3 thoughts on “An interesting book you should read: A Disturbance of Fate.

  1. Our feelings about the Kennedys would be similar to the feelings many of your countrymen have about HM The Queen.

    The Kennedys were no angels, but, like the Royal Family, despite their flaws, they did more good than harm.

  2. puleese.

    RFK as Pres ?

    Read “The Dark Side of Camelot” to see how deeply the sainted one was already deeply implicated (prior to his assasination) in affairs that make recent revelations about Priest kiddie fiddling seem
    almost humdrum.

    I know that the clan Kennedy (still) has a pull your side of the water, but, in the words of BlokeSport,

    Why ?

    Kind regards

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