An Occasional Guide to Irish politics: The Green Party

Uggh! I think I've got some Fianna Fail smeared on me!

The party wandered into the Dail by accident in 1989, stunning everybody including their candidate by taking a seat in the leafy suburbs of Dublin South where all the nice people live. Go on……name him…….tip of your tongue……..Roger Garland? Anyone? That was pretty much the effect he had.

Their platform: Save the world. Cycle more. Put your paper in THAT bin, not THAT one! All well and good, but the fact that I’ve seen an SUV with a Green Party sticker makes me think that their middle class support base aren’t quite sure what they  are voting for.

They did argue once, quite intriguingly, in favour of local currencies, that is, letting every town have its own currency so that poorer towns could devalue their currency and make their locally made products more competitive. Which was nice.

They’re finding, as the PDs did, that dealing with Fianna Fail can be tricky. If the Greens are from Mars, then Fianna Fail is from Leitrim. They can get a lot of the good policy stuff  done, and feel like they’re on top of the World, but then Fianna Fail, having had its wicked way, could leave them to walk home in the morning in their high heels, watched by prying,  judgemental eyes.   

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