An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Left Wing Nutjob.

Slogans not stuff!

Slogans not stuff!

Everything! Is written! With exclamation marks! His answer, and it’s nearly always a he, is that “the people” should take to the streets! That seems to be the answer to everything, as if the people standing on Molesworth Street can have a moral effect on drink driving rates. He’s big into the working class standing up for themselves, but don’t for the love of Marx, try to get him to define the working class, because you’ll make his nose (And possibly brain.)  bleed. Apparently a taxi driver isn’t, if he’s self employed, unless he comes from Jobstown, but a junior doctor is, unless he comes from Blackrock, or he studies hard and becomes a consultant, whereas he is then no longer working class, but if he opposes health cuts, then he is working class again. You think there’s be some sort of wallchart available, given out with the Socialist Worker. Maybe you could collect and swap stickers: ” I’ve two hardworking working class bin men, so I’ll swap you one for a fascist Anglo Irish plutocrat.”  

His greatest contempt is reserved not for those on the right, but his fellow travellers on the left. He’s much happier picketing the Labour Party than Fianna Fail, or denouncing the People’s Left Party for splitting from the Left People’s Party (Insert appropriate Life of Brian sketch here.) and given a choice between patiently implementing a policy that might reduce hardship on someone, or denouncing everyone else for not implementing a socialist republic immediately, he’ll happily go with the latter.  

It would be wonderful if we could cede a county or two to him to run, and put his socialist plans to the test, as we all look on, eating cornettos and nudging each other. Maybe Leitrim, where he could tax the rich and spend to his hearts content. Until the rich left, and the money ran out, and, of course, he doesn’t do cutbacks, so…how long would it be before he announces that the rich do not have a right to leave, and what is needed is some sort of wall…   

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