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Posted by Jason O on Feb 2, 2011 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious. |

Everyone knows Fianna Fail have a UFO for distracting from bad unemployment figures!

Everyone knows Fianna Fail have a UFO for distracting from bad unemployment figures!

You see this guy posting comments on boards like Politics.ie. 

Everything, everything, is a wily political chessboard move, and nothing happens that isn’t part of a conspiracy that would give Fox Mulder and Dana Scully a nosebleed.

God love him, but he gives our political masters way too much credit. The PDs, for example, were part of an international ideological conspiracy to destroy the welfare state. He’d never actually met anyone of any significance from the PDs, but then that would have hindered the purity of his beliefs. Immigration is part of a plot to destroy Irish culture. Apparently there’s a tipping point (he can prove this on an Excel spreadsheet!) whereby one additional Pole tips the balance, and all of a sudden we’re setting fire to GAA clubs and eating cabbage flavoured icecream. The Sunday Indo and RTE are the tools of Fianna Fail. Or Fine Gael, depending on the balance of fluid in his brain at any given time.

Everything is part of a plan concocted by people far smarter than him but not smart enough to cover it up from him. He tends to smell of wee a lot, but that’s because every morning they sneak into his bedroom when he is in the toilet, and pour wee on his trousers to discredit him.

The well-organised bastards.


[...] he is probably too shy or polite to add himself and which was prompted in part by the most recent one. Any resemblance to anyone alive or indeed writing here is entirely [...]

Tony Groome
Feb 2, 2011 at 9:45 pm

hey Jason long time no speck, hows it going? going to make a prediction here
Lab lead government with FG
FF less than 20 seats
SF to be the major party in opposition with Gerry Adams the leader of the opposition
and DSW
2 Lab
1 SF
1 FG
thats mean’s goodbye to Mr Tallaght and Crazy Horse
What do u think?

Jason O
Feb 3, 2011 at 8:25 am

Hey there Boom-Boom!

I think SF will get about 12 seats, and won’t pass out FF on the opposition benches. I still think FF will take 30 seats or thereabouts, and that FG have aserious chance of getting into min govt on their own, which has the potential to completely transform politics.



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