An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The guy

Try talking to an actual voter, you know, for the novelty?

Try talking to an actual voter, you know, for the novelty?

There are certain types on, one of the more popular of the online politicial discussion boards. Some are actual candidates, or dedicated activists, who go online to let off a bit of steam and trade a bit of gossip.

Then there is him. He doesn’t do “Parish Pump”, he’s above all that, he is interested in “the issues”. He posts long diatribes on this party or that, on why their position in the 1973 Sunningdale accord contradicts their later stand in the 1985 Anglo Irish Agreement. He spends hours, and thousands of posts, forensically picking apart other posts for semantic weaknesses, and he makes you conclude one thing:

Will you ever put down those f**king Pringles and go out and deliver a few leaflets or knock on a few doors, and try that shit with real voters and see where it gets you.

Anyone doing any work on a real campaign, and that means actually using up shoe leather as opposed to writing  “Campaign Brand Positioning Strategies” for candidates for Bray Urban District Council doesn’t have time to be posting every two minutes. So feck off and stop annoying us. Why doesn’t he just use the web instead for what other teenagers use it for, alternately downloading pictures of girls with big boobs and footage of guys getting kicked in the nuts. And finally, he should be nice to his mam when she calls him down for his tea.

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