An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Pro-Choice Bigot.

She delights in sneering at people with religious beliefs. Not Jews or Muslims, of course, because even though she holds their beliefs in equal contempt as with the Christians, she recognizes that it is only acceptable to chastise certain faiths. But Christians are fair game.

Not for her the internal dialogue of the Catholic, in dispute with their church over the life of the unborn versus the life of the mother, and seeking a genuine truth through prayer. Not for her the Protestant who finds in her faith a set of values that provide comfort to guide her through life’s journey. Not for her even an attempt to understand the immovable object versus irresistible force that is the debate of a possible life that nature has chosen to house within another, and all the medical and philosophical and emotional and spiritual questions it raises. If you question her view, you are a hater of women and a medievalist and an enslaver.

No, these are untermensch, people who may as well be praying that the Sun will rise in the morning and therefore are to be ridiculed and mocked and, with a few glasses of wine in her, surrounded by friends with copies of The Guardian scattered about the place, to be supressed for Hate Crimes, perhaps even Thought Crime itself.

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