An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Shameless Panderer.

He would be an absolute pain in the arse to have as friend. Always agreeing with you, nervously listening to what you say is your favourite film so that he can agree. He will go to pub you want to go to, support the team you support, always agreeing, desperately wanting to be liked by you. Ten minutes later he’s talking to someone else, agreeing with them.

As a politician, he’s unbearable, agreeing with every pressure group and gripe, opposing every unpopular policy even if he agreed with it when he was in government. You can almost hear the slither as he oozes into a room on a trail of sickly slime, hands gripped together in a supplicant gesture.

The irony is that many people will vote for him, even though he is engaged in the same forelock tugging shuffling begging that the current crowd engaged in to win the last election. They’re the same morons who get surprised at being disappointed after every election.

He’s like that at home too. Which probably explains why his wife is banging the gardener. Even she can only take so much of his wet pitying eyes peering over his shoulder during sex.

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