An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Sneering Insider.

Too good for him?He shakes his head, mouth grimacing in a sad, patronising “You just don’t understand” frown. He tries to give you a pitying look, as if he is trying to help, but he comes across, instead, as a prick. Which is handy enough, because he is.

He works for “the party”, or as a ministerial adviser, drinking in Doheny and Nesbitts, and is bought and paid for, seeing his job as protecting his political masters from the torch-and-pitchfork bearing little people who “just don’t understand”.  When you ask him why ministers get to keep open their former teaching jobs, or why well-paid public servants can’t just pay for their own pensions like everyone else, he doesn’t even soil himself with constructing a half credible answer. He doesn’t engage or even try to argue a valid if unpopular point of view. He doesn’t try because you are not worthy of it. You are a “civilian”, and the only time he will even half attempt to assuage you is in the run up to polling day. Instead, he points out “that’s not the way things are done”.  In his world, that is an acceptable answer.

He’s lucky he works in Irish politics. In other countries, he’d be found hanging from a lamppost as the presidential palace burns, with the word “traitor” painted on his chest, probably in his own blood. And probably too good for him, too.

6 thoughts on “An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Sneering Insider.

  1. AHA! I knew the right wing militias would come out of the woodwork when the recession started to bite.

  2. Has been happening for some time now, old chap.

    The EU is a sick puppy that needs to be shot in the face. A club that is run and directed by an inner sanctum of careerist EUers that no one has ever heard of, driving forward a project dreamed up in the 50s that is no longer applicable or desired. Across Europe there is a growing disbelief in the whole thing, but that is interpreted as a need to grow more, faster, bigger. The self appointed elite know the people want a federal EU, the people have simply forgotten & need direction.

    This is the world of built in delusion that the EU and the Eurozone represents. The economic crises of Ireland – and the others – is bringing this to a head once and for all.

    Doesn’t make me happy to say the above, not least because our own milksop Europhile guvmint can’t wait to throw more taxpayer money away in support of a lost cause.

    Goodnight & good luck !

    (& get yourselves down to Dunnes & stock up on Baked Beans & bottled water before the shelves
    are emptied).

    Kind regards

  3. Your penultimate sentence : And you don’t think that will happen when the financial neutron bomb explodes & brings down Euroland ?

    (Not long now folks !)

    Kind regards

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