An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Voter Who Expects Other Voters To Be Morally Better Than Him.

Nothing to do with me, Guv.

Nothing to do with me, Guv.

He is almost single-handedly responsible for the state of Irish politics. Mostly because he suffers from that endemic self delusion that seems to be hard wired into Irish DNA. Put him in front of a pollster or an academic and he’ll give textbook answers about the need for democratic accountability and check and balances and proper scrutiny of legislation. He’s a model citizen.

Until he votes, because when he does, none of those lofty criteria apply. When he votes, it’s for the local fella who delivers for the local parish. Legislator? Scrutiniser of executives? The local fella could be chopping up people (in another parish, of course) and eating them with a fine Chianti and some Lima beans and he’d still vote for him, as long as he got the pension for the brother in law who’s only 27.

When it comes down to it, he wants someone else to vote for proper economic management and world class health standards and a professionally run country.

And by the way, the irony isn’t that he doesn’t vote for it himself. The irony is that he actually gets angry when other people won’t vote for it.

Who do those people think they are, coming down to his level? Just look at the state they have the country in, the bastards.

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