An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Wandering Real Liberal.

Don't tell anyone, but she'd still vote for him.

Don't tell anyone, but she'd still vote for him.

She still thinks Barack Obama is doing a decent job. She supports a welfare system, opposes the death penalty, supports gay marriage, thinks Palestine should be an independent state and opposed the invasion of Iraq. Immigration has been, she feels, a good thing. She should be solidly Labour.

Yet. She whispers it quietly, but she doesn’t think that it is right that people should spend their whole lives on welfare, and that maybe even a low paying job supplemented by welfare might, you know, be better? That her friends in the public sector don’t realise how good they actually have it? That she actually thinks (Ssssh! sssh!) that it might be OK to want to work hard and be wealthy without being actually punished by tax? That if Hamas stopped firing missiles at Israel, and recognised Israel, you know, it might help put pressure on Israel? That, and for this she’s been called a Thatcherite, someone has to actually pay for public spending? And, and for God’s sake don’t tell anyone: She thought Tony Blair was right about most things.  

And here’s the dirtiest secret of all: She thinks Brian Lenihan actually sounds sensible. Don’t get her wrong: She detests the Fianna Fail manouvering and carry-on, and thinks the political system needs to be changed. But FG are FF without the carvery lunch, and Labour are well intentioned but still insist on bending the knee towards people very good at spending other people’s money. Who on Earth will she vote for?

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