An Occasional Guide to Irish Politics: The Wealthy Victim.

He's down to his last Maybach. Bless.

He's down to his last Maybach. Bless.

He’s almost unique to Ireland. In other countries, a man of his enormous wealth would have the grace to take satisfaction in his massive good fortune. Yet in Ireland, not only does he want to be rich, and be applauded for it, but he wants your pity and sympathy as well.

When the DPP or a high court judge rules against him, or suggests that he has questions to answer, he’s nothing short of outraged, pointing to conspiracies and people “out to get him”. He even has the audacity, as he gets into his Maybach to be driven to the airport to board his Gulfstream (To get him out of the country before he exceeds the period that makes him liable to pay tax, God forbid) to rail against  “the establishment” who “have it in for him.”

Then the poor bastard has to rely on his million euro lawyers to “Vindicate his good name” by sending writs to anyone who says anything about him. Worse still, he might even be required to pay his own legal costs for being slippery with the tribunal? God f**king love him. Sure why don’t we just finish the job, stick a crown of thorns on him, and nail him to a cross whilst we’re at it. Or failing that, a mobile phone mast.


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