An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD: 18 months later…

It’s been 18 months since FG and Labour won the general election. Can anyone tell me what will be different? And please, no remarks about Fianna Fail. Actual differences in policy being implemented. I know I have a fair few FG readers, so let me know in the comments section. In fact, If you’d like to do a guest blog, you’ll be more than welcome.   

10 thoughts on “An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD: 18 months later…

  1. The FG policy is far more detailed than that:

    They introduced a private members bill on it;

    Which was put to a vote back in September – the debate was interesting, particularly noting the reasons why the FF and Green members voted against it.

  2. Ok. Sounds like a good idea. Assuming that is an FG policy. If it isn’t, then what? FG complains and then does the exact same as FF? That’s novel.

  3. ” FG would start clearing out the useless and/or corrupt FF-appointed directors on State boards and quangos.”

    And FG’s appointment process will be different in what way?

  4. Here’s three for a start.

    FG would introduce proper whistleblower protection in Ireland. At least I heard Leo Varadkar promise this at a Transparency Ireland meeting last Tuesday.

    FG would start clearing out the useless and/or corrupt FF-appointed directors on State boards and quangos.

    FG would ensure there was a proper enquiry into the banking crisis, including looking at political action/inaction.

  5. An FG majority? FF were ten ponts ahead of were FG are at the polls now, and didn’t win an overall majority, and that was with a genuinely popular leader, so I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one. In fairness, the real resistance to seanad abolition is in FG, and that’s where Enda will should that he’s not up to it: Facing down his own party. Interesting that you regard FG policies as being subject to Labour “permission” to carry them out. Going on past coalitions, you’re probably right there. You’d be hard pressed to identify a single solely FG policy from the last FG/Lab coalition.

  6. the problem with promises like that is that we’ll probably be in co-alition with Labour. If they’re against it then we can’t do it, therefore it’s not Kenny’s fault. However if he doesn’t do it after a FG overall majority then I would want to see him gone!

  7. Fair enough. Interesting stuff. I will be very surprised if the Seanad referendum goes ahead. Do you think Enda should resign if he breaks that promise?

  8. 1. Referendum held on closing the Seanad.
    2. Fair Care in motion. Plan to change healthcare over a 5 year term.
    3. National Recovery Bank set up. Businesses benefitting from new credit flow.
    4. PUBLIC banking inquiry in motion.
    5. NEWEra investment program in action. Up to 100,000 jobs being created as a result.

    Those 5 just off the top of my head

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