Are Irishwomen leaving Irishmen behind?

In Sligo they were being cleaned and brought to the girls' tents.

In Sligo they were being cleaned and brought to the girls' tents.

I’m not, as I have stated previously on this blog, big on nightclubs. I did, however, have reason to be in the Velvet Room nightclub in Sligo this weekend, and was struck by a number of things.

The first is that Irish women are as comparable, beautywise, to women in any other country. Yes, I know, it’s shallow and sexist and very Clarkson of me to be commenting on women purely on their looks, but we live in a shallow age where a generation have more familiarity with Britney Spears’s genitalia than the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so what are you going to do?

Secondly, Irishmen aren’t. It was striking to look through a room of women and see a wide range of levels of conventional beauty, and then look at the men and not see it. There were a few men who were very good looking, but most were not. There simply was not the same proportion of good looking men in the room as there were good looking women. Interestingly, and maybe because I’m getting older myself, I noticed the older women in the room, and they were just as attractive proportionately as their younger compatriots.

Finally, and this really struck me, the attitudes of both sexes are changing. The men arrived late to the nightclub, pissed and clustered in groups as the women, not quite as well oiled, pretty much picked out the men they wanted. It was like a scene from Spartacus.

I blame Mary Robinson.

4 thoughts on “Are Irishwomen leaving Irishmen behind?

  1. I am an Irish man and I would give my fellow Irishmen one bit of advice,,,,have a look round you at the beautiful Irish women in your midst, appreciate them and be proud of their mystical, sexually empowering Celtic beauty,

  2. As a Dutch gay man living in Dublin, so I consider myself kind of an expert 🙂 I totally agree. Most Irish women have beautiful looks, most men are really not handsome. Always wondered about why that is too (maybe the national obsession of wearing a track suit on nearly all occassions :-))

  3. Perhaps it is down to different levels of grooming; make-up, skin care, hair care even cosmetic surgery between the genders. It could also be down to different fitness regimes and lifestyles rather than anything genetic.

    We have a culture (in Ireland and the West generally) that puts much more pressure on women to be good looking than it does on men. To be honest I think this pressure overall has a negative impact on society.

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