Averil Power for Howth-Malahide.

Averil Power

Averil Power

It is no secret that I am not a fan of Fianna Fail. Indeed, it is my belief that this country badly needs to deliver to Fianna Fail an almighty kicking to make the party realise that politics as usual is no longer an option.

However, There is one Fianna Fail candidate that I feel deserves to be elected, and that is Averil Power, who is running in  Howth-Malahide for Fingal County Council.

I’ve known Averil since we first met during the Nice 2 campaign. I have disagreed with her politically on a lot of issues. But she is more progressive than most of the Parliamentary Labour Party, never mind Fianna Fail, and she is also one of the most thoughtful and compassionate Fianna Fail candidates I have ever met. Averil is interested in ideas, and takes politics seriously, as a means of addressing wrongs in our society.


I know how this jars with my own feelings about Fianna Fail, and stuff I have written previously, and yes, I still hope Fianna Fail get creamed. But I also hope that amongst those who do survive will be people like Averil Power who might then have a chance to reform Fianna Fail into a party with honour. In American elections, candidates always talk about character, and most of the time it’s bullshit. But in this case, it is the real thing. Averil Power has character, and for that deserves your number one vote. 

3 thoughts on “Averil Power for Howth-Malahide.

  1. She’ll get my vote because she brings a new energy and an attention to those small details that are a feature of living with Fingal Council

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