Be honest: We’d be mortified if the Brits saw who we vote for.

Before we wrecked the economy, there was a brief golden moment of ten years where we didn’t give a f**k what the Brits thought about us. But that was an anomaly, and now we’re back to twitching over our shoulders every time the word “Ireland” is mentioned on British telly.

With that in mind, the idea that Adam Boulton wants to host a party leaders debate (And possibly show it in the UK) during the election makes an ice cold claw wrap around my heart.  Aside from the fact that the most famous person on it (to Brits) will be Gerry Adams, just think of the chamber of horrors that’ll emerge. I’m not talking about Joe Higgins, who should be allowed participate if only because at least he can make a grown-up point, and will be left wing to a point no longer actually seen on British telly anymore. In fact, it may actually win him more votes in the UK than Ireland. I can even be happy that Gilmore and Martin will be solid. I’m not even worried about the fact that the debate will set back the case for Proportional Representation by years in the UK, because a British audience will struggle to understand who is who and what they stand for (Especially as we don’t know either, and we live here). I can even look forward to Boulton not holding back with a bunch of politicians he doesn’t need to kow-tow to.

No, you all know what I’m afraid of. This debate will be about who leads our nation out of its greatest crisis ever, and the Brits will see to whom we are most likely to turn. I don’t have to say anything else. 

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