BNP Mayor calls for deportation of Irish/EU nationals who fail to secure employment in UK.

A BNP Mayor has called for the deportation of  Irish/EU nationals who fail to secure employment in Britain, and called for a review of social welfare payments to non-British nationals, given the current economic crisis.

The mayor insisted that he was commenting on Irish/EU nationals who are abusing Britains’s “generous social welfare system”. He said: “I’m calling for anybody who is living in the UK and who can’t afford to pay for themselves to be deported after three months,” 

” I have no problem with foreign nationals who had worked and settled here and who had since lost their jobs, saying these people were perfectly entitled to help from the state.  The people I am talking about are the non-nationals that are coming in here on a weekly basis and they are coming in here because of our generous social welfare system. I’m asking the relevant Minister to give instructions to departments right around the country to monitor these people and, if they are not looking for work, there should be some situation or some measure where before a period of say, three to six months, if they can’t find employment that they should be returned to the country of their origin.”


4 thoughts on “BNP Mayor calls for deportation of Irish/EU nationals who fail to secure employment in UK.

  1. As I explained above, I was making a point. That if a BNP mayor (If there was one.) said what the FG mayor said in Ireland, it would be regarded as an outrage.

  2. Actually, I was making a point here. The quotes are not from a BNP politician, but an Irish Christian Democrat. Just pointing out that he would not be happy if a British politician said about Irish workers in the UK what he says about non-Irish workers in Ireland.

  3. There are EU rules on free movement, so in principle this mayor can rant all he wants to, without effect. But who are the ones who elect such incompetents?

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