Boris Vs. The Bland

I have found myself unable to watch, in particular, most New Labour politicians on telly, because they seem to speak in an endless stream of vapid slogans, where they just list out areas of policy that their pollsters have told them people are concerned about. What is most disturbing about modern British politicians is the blandness, candidates who are not willing to show a human side.There are exceptions. Ken Clarke has always been willing to mouth off message, and Mandelson has recently really started to enjoy himself as the mischievous rent-a-quote of the campaign. But the prize must go to Boris Johnson, who not only manages to do an important job well, but also manages to be laugh-out-loud funny in his interviews, primarily by thinking out loud actually during the interviews. See here, and here for example.

From an Irish perspective, whom are our characters? Michael Ring, who is basically a big-mouthed constituency grafter? It’s almost impossible to watch our guys speak too. FG/Labour people just mouth off about how hard everything is for everybody, which is true but I don’t need them to tell me, and FF people just talk about the need to “move forward”. The only govt politicans who seem actually capable of getting into detail are Lenihan, Harney and Hanafin. But characters? Our problem is that our characters are characters because they’re clowns. I refer you to the Independent deputy for Kerry South.    

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