Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to make “sweet beautiful love” to every woman in Canada.

Trudeau-blue-steel-Jan-22-620x330Newly elected dreamboat Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal) has pledged that he will sexually satisfy any Canadian woman who requests it. The well known feminist politician, fresh from appointing a cabinet made up of 50% men and women, announced that whilst it was hard for politicians to deliver on every promise, this was one he was certain he could deliver.

Addressing parliament in Ottawa, Trudeau said that he was looking forward to “making sweet, beautiful, gentle yet vigorous love to every Canadian woman who chooses to exercise her right to be pleasured by the prime minister. Not only do I pledge to take you to the very pinnacle of ecstasy, but I’m going to kiss and caress every stretch mark and other part of your body you don’t like and try to hide, I’m going to tell you not to hide yourself, not to be ashamed of who you are, and that to me, every bit of you is all just beautiful woman.”

He then repeated the promise in flawless French, as Barry White played in the background. Officials say the PM had a very busy afternoon.

When asked would he make the same offer to gay Canadians, the progressive leader pointed out that he was prime minister and servant of all the people of Canada.

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