Candidates I hope win.

First, my friend Averil Power. She’s in the wrong party, but she’s the real deal in terms of being someone who is in politics to do good. Incidentally, and I’m writing this in a personal capacity because I’m livid about it (and I suspect Averil will be mortified if she reads this, but it has to be said), she’s also been subject to a vicious campaign of abuse and moronic conspiracy theories from the usual gutless anonymous web warriors on account of whom she happened to fall in love with. I suspect that the great majority of them will never have a relationship vaguely close to what she and Fionnan have. But then, that’s hardly surprising, as I suspect that the closest most of them have come to romance involves a computer, one hand and their trousers around their ankles. Anyway, a Fianna Fail made up of people like her and Barry Andrews would be a Fianna Fail possibly worth keeping.

John McGuirk, in Cavan-Monaghan, is a political bruiser and to the right of me. But he’s serious about his politics and its power to change society, and an opinion worth having in the Dail, if only to shout at when he comes on the telly. Ditto Joe Higgins. This will probably be the only time both are mentioned in the same paragraph anywhere.

All the Green TDs. I’ve a post later today explaining why, but suffice to say, Irish politics will not be well served by their absence, in the same way the absence of the Progressive Democrats is denying voters a particular choice.

Ruairi Quinn, the voice of moderate reason in Labour and one of the only Labour people who does not look at people in business like he’s reaching for a wooden stake and a crucifix.

Victor Boyhan, the last PD, running in Dun Laoghaire, and one of the most decent people you will ever meet in politics.

Stephen Donnelly, running in Wicklow as an independent, and endorsed by people close to me whose opinions I trust greatly.

Finally, and I’m not endorsing him (not that he’d welcome an endorsement from the likes of me anyway!) Eoin O’Broin of Sinn Fein is a thoughtful guy, has a sense of humour and the ridiculous (very important for a politician)  and another fella worth having in the Dail if only to shout at.

It takes balls to put your name in front of the people. Good luck to them all on Friday.

3 thoughts on “Candidates I hope win.

  1. The Greens as a party yes. The Greens as a collection of candidates?
    Trevor Sargent and John Gormley, yes, though John’s been damaged by his fluthering with the Poolbeg incinerator.
    Ciaran Cuffe? Well, apparently he’s insightful: “A deal with Fianna Fáil would be a deal with the Devil. We would be spat out after 5 years, and decimated as a party”. (
    Eamon Ryan was the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, and made a decent attempt at being Minister for Energy. That is not on, especially when he could have done some real good with the communications portfolio. Instead he threw money at 3 and ran the other way.
    Paul Gogarty? HAH!
    Mary White? I have no opinion on; good luck to her.

  2. I know Stephen from College days. Very smart guy and determined to do the right thing. I hope he gets in a and can leverage his position to make a positive difference

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