Chapters Bookshop: The Painted Jezebel of Bookshops.

More Books! Aggh!

More Books! Aggh!

So there I was, minding my own business, strolling back from the Hugh Lane gallery with She-Who-Chooses-To-Grace-My-Life-With-Her-Presence when we stumble upon Chapters bookshop. It was at that moment that I foolishly suggested we stick our head around the door.

With some men, it’s drink. Others drugs. With me, it’s books. I buy the damn things like they’re going out of fashion, far faster than I could ever read them. There I was, mooching about, and I see “Borrowed Time”, a history of Britain during the inter-war years by former Labour MP Roy Hattersley. As you do. Only, it IS as I do. Had I not been looking at the very same book, in paperback, in Gatwick Airport only a week previously, for £12.95 Sterling? And yet here it was is Chapters for €4.99 in hardback. Sure, it would be a crime not to buy it!

And that’s how it starts. You see, Chapters is particularly evil, because as well as having the usual up to date titles, it flogs all the remaindered books. All those ones that you looked at a year ago and thought ” That looks good, But I’m not paying €30 for it. I’ll wait for it in paperback.” Well, this is where they go to live, at good prices too, the bastards.

I left the store €30 lighter, shaking my fist at the door.

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