Clinton becomes 4th in line of sucession. Foodtaster, bodyguard costs soar amongst Pres, Vice Pres, Speaker.

I'm not taking my eyes of that woman!The news that Senator Clinton is to be appointed Secretary of State has resulted in the President, Vice President and House Speaker all rushing to enhance their personal safety. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, 3rd in line to the presidency, told reporters: ” I had my suspicions when Senator Clinton pushed me down the stairs after the announcement, telling me that she didn’t want me to be late for the press conference.”
Vice President elect Biden suggested beefing up food security at the White House after Senator Clinton sent him a freshly baked Scorpion and Puffer Fish pie. President Elect Obama is said to cautious of accepting Senator Clinton’s advice to “reach out” to the Ku Klux Klan, “preferably without the Secret Service.” She also reminded him to compliment them on how pretty their daughters were.

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