COIR: More posters than people.

Wooo! Obey the corryboard!!!

Wooo! Obey the corryboard!!!

Name three people in COIR. Go on, I dare you. Most people can’t, and yet we are letting this mysteriously well funded operation, essentially a collection of coy pieces of corryboard, decide the future of the country.

Aside from the Youth Defence connection, we haven’t a butcher’s who they are, and yet we listen to them over the opinions of the people WE ELECT to our national parliament?

I have met people who have repeated a claim they read on a COIR poster, and asked them who told them that. They don’t know. They mumble about the poster, but can’t answer who put it up. Go have a look at the Yes campaign sites. They all have people you recognise, including people you can sack at the next election. Now go to the Coir website. Have a look at all the names…except you can’t. They’re aren’t any. Even in the Who We Are section.  

In short, we are being told what to do by pieces of corryboard.

What next? Stationery for a No Vote? Tippex Against The Treaty?   


6 thoughts on “COIR: More posters than people.

  1. Apologies, what I meant was, what are the names of the people in Coir saying that? I can name 20 people publicly associated with Ireland for Europe, they’re on their website. But Coir seem reluctant to say who they are, for some reason.

  2. There website says so.

    “More than 2000 volunteers came together to make Cóir’s NO to Lisbon undertaking a professional, well-executed, imaginative and hugely successful campaign. Thousands of donations from ordinary citizens financed this project, and the imagination, initiative, prayers and hard work of volunteers made it an endeavour that money alone couldn’t buy. On 12 June 2008, it produced the result required.”

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