Coir want to break into your house and sniff your hair while you sleep?

Jesus: Reportedly "uncomfortable" to be associated with Coir, may place matter in the hands of his solicitors.

Jesus: Reportedly "uncomfortable" to be associated with Coir, may place matter in the hands of his solicitors.

Coir’s latest poster, which features an elderly woman, show that Coir isn’t really just against the Lisbon treaty. The elderly woman is presumably a hint at the blatant lie that the Lisbon treaty mentions euthanasia, a lie that UKIP also subtly hint at.

Why are they doing this? Because Coir/Youth Defence aren’t just against the EU. They’re making this stuff up because they are opposed to modern Ireland, to women having equal rights and gays going about unjailed. They’re not even sure about letting people from minority religions legislate in the Dail (See here.) They’ve engaged in various bits of trickery, like making up a lie about the minimum wage and then sticking a question mark beside it to suggest that they’re just speculating.

Well, here’s some speculations about Coir/Youth Defence:

Coir think the Ryan Report was written by Dan Brown.

Coir wouldn’t vote for Sarah Palin, on account of her being too liberal. And womany.

Coir says No to evolution. That Fred Flintstone was a real historical figure, you know.

Coir would have accepted the Lisbon treaty if it had been chiselled on stone tablets, and handed over by a fella with a long beard. And Charlton Heston’s voice.

Coir believes that the EU supports euthanasia, microchipping babies, and making all ice cream cod liver oil flavour.

Coir is only slightly embarassed to be on the same side of the Lisbon referendum as people who would have been shooting at the GPO in 1916.

Coir believe that Voldemort has been asked to be EU commissioner for Toddlers Affairs.

Coir is trying to touch Yes voters in their special place.

Coir condemns the EU for interfering in the old traditions, like banning witch-ducking and letting husbands list “the wife” on the household property insurance.

Coir say that if you vote Yes you’ll catch the gay.

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