Could we see anti-bailout terrorism?

Given the Irish experience with terrorism, and the perception amongst many that the bailing out of banks is having an actual detrimental personal effect on so many individual lives and quality of life, how far fetched is it to imagine that extremist elements of the anti EU/IMF movement could engage in acts of violence in opposition?

There’s certainly no shortage of young politically engaged activists, but what could they actually do?¬†Would acts of violence actually forward their agenda, or at least, do they believe they would? Would engaging in IRA-style terrorist attacks, bombing say the Department of Finance or AIB headquarters actually encourage the government to take steps such as burning the bondholders, or increase the public mood for more radical action by the government to supress them?¬†

What about, for example, the kidnapping of prominent figures associated with banking or business, and a demand that their families distribute money to the public or declare previously undeclared income to the Revenue Commissioners? How would the public react to that, provided the victims were not physically harmed? That would be a different kettle of fish altogether, and a much more difficult campaign for the government to handle, especially if there was a public perception that the individuals in question were not in jail anyway because of government incompetence or compliance.

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