Count Day Musings.

8:00am: Finally! FG will be disappointed with 36%. Not as good as Garrett’s 39% in Nov 1982. But with 15% for FF and Inds, that’s a lot of transfers knocking around, and with that sort of first preference, FG can wait around to hoover them up. Are we going to see a Super Seat Bounce? Won’t be posting too much today. Intend to savour this one!

6:55am: David Cochrane tweets that SF will not do as well in poll as predicted.

6:30am: Up at some god awful hour with all the other nutters, waiting for the Exit Poll from RTE.

One thought on “Count Day Musings.

  1. All of today I have being watching Fianna Fail get their arse handed to them. How can any politician top this?

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