Country mortified at possibility of nuclear debate without hysterical mention of little children.

Oh no! It's that scary sign that kills cancer cells and things! Aggh! The country was unsure where to look recently at calls for a rational and measured debate on the future of nuclear power in Ireland. Addressing the issue without once comparing the ESB to the communist dictatorship that mismanaged Chernobyl, the question was raised as to whether Irish people were willing to make energy sacrifices instead of going down the nuclear route.

Anti nuclear protestors lashed out at “the disgraceful framing of the debate as an energy supply issue as opposed to one of hysterical finger pointing and accusations of hating dew eyed toddlers. If that is the level public policy debate has reached in this country, I just don’t know where the country is headed.” A protestor said; before suggesting that cutting up used plastic Coke bottles and using them as flower pots will somehow boost the national electricity output, and then staring malevolently at someone eating a sausage. 

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