Couples Curios.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve witnessed four couples interacting in a manner that caught my eye:

The first was today today in Tesco, where, as I queued to pay a human (Not the computerised yoke that tells me that there is an “Unexpected Item” in the bagging area. If It was a butchered human torso or 3.5kilos of uranium yellowcake I’d say fair enough, but it’s always a sodding bag. My bag. In the bagging area. But I digress) a number of customers were distracted by a loud “Where the f**k were you???” and the sight of a woman effin’ and blindin’ her well-meaning dope of a partner in front of  a child. I felt for the poor bastard, whatever his transgression, and thought to myself: He must love that woman, or perhaps the child, very, very much to put up with that.

Earlier in the month I witnessed a couple have a row in the Blackrock Clinic. He was in doctor’s garb, and she had that polished look of a professional woman about him, and they were having that wonderful middle-class “We are having a row in public but we are not going to put on a show” fight through clenched teeth. Very entertaining.

Earlier than that I saw a middle aged man barrel out of a pub in Blackrock followed moments later by a middle-aged blonde woman dressed ambitiously for her age who screamed up the street at him “Yeah, go on, go back to your F**king whore!”

Finally, last week, I left my house at about ten to seven in the morning to clear snow from my car. In the laneway beside my house were a couple who looked in their late thirties, maybe early forties, dressed in sensible clothing for the cold winter, yet all over each other like two drunken teenagers at a disco. At 6:50 in the morning? Hmm. I wonder are some of my neighbours being naughty with each other?

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