Cult TV: Rubicon

It’s not often that I write about a show that I haven’t seen, but alas, I’ve only seen two episodes of AMC’s “Rubicon, created by Jason Horwitch and starring James Badge Dale. Nor, as it was made and cancelled in 2010, and only had 13 episodes, is it easy to legally find.

Rubicon tells the story of an analyst working for a mysterious think tank based in New York, which may be a front for a secret group manipulating world events. It’s a slow, slow burning and quirky, almost odd show,┬ávery much on the model of 1970s conspiracy movies like “Three Days of the Condor” and not to everybody’s taste. Yet I absolutely loved what I saw of it.

Keep an eye out for it.

One thought on “Cult TV: Rubicon

  1. Sadly, it never lives up to the promise of the early episodes, the casting or the fantastic intro, and loses its way mid-season or so.
    I’m not at all sure what their plan for a second season was either.

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