Dail Perks: Let the Opposition decide.

Perks: Let it be Enda and Eamonn's first test.

Perks: Let it be Enda and Eamonn’s first test.

There is much finger pointing and grimacing going on in both Ireland and the UK on the issue of TD/MP salaries, expenses and perks.                         

I have a possible solution: Let the opposition parties decide. Let the Taoiseach come out and announce that he will implement whatever proposal FG and Labour suggest, provided that the proposal is not biased against government TDs, and that all TDs will carry a fair share.

For the government, it’ll be the problem off their plate.

For the public, it’ll be a solution.

For the opposition parties, it’ll be a first test as to how reforming they actually are when given control of something. Winners all round!

Save for the snots flying when opposition TDs realise that it’ll be the kiss of death, removing from them the power to grandstand whilst being held in public revulsion for not going as far as they use to harrumph about. Still, if you don’t want the job, feck off so. 

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