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Dan Boyle: The Michael McDowell of the Green Party?

Posted by Jason O on Feb 23, 2010 in Irish Politics |

Dan Boyle: The Green Gnasher?

Dan Boyle: The Green Gnasher?

Some of my older readers will remember the scenario during the 1989-92 FF/PD government. FF would do/not do something, there would be rumblings in the PDs, Michael McDowell (who was not in the Dail at the time, but was party chairman) would voice a pretty robust opinion which would be read by the media as the “true” voice of the PDs, and FF would know where they stood, Dessie and Bobby Molloy would point over their shoulders at the Ranelagh Rottweiler with a “You’d better give us something or he’ll kick off!” look, and FF would back down, with backbench hatred directed towards McDowell, something which did him no harm in the general election. The key was that McDowell could speak as a true PD, and be nasty to FF, but with authority as to what the PDs might do if FF didn’t buck up their ideas (love that phrase) There’s a lesson for Dan Boyle here.  


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