Dana would be, by far, the most fun president.

Dana: Let's get ready to rumble!
Dana: Let’s get ready to rumble!

Let’s be honest: If it’s a fun seven years you want, with plenty of political high drama, then Dana is the presidential candidate for you. If she really subscribes to the socially conservative and eurosceptic values that she says she does, and we have no reason to doubt her, this could be great fun. Take same-sex marriage, which is likely to require a referendum in the next five years. Will she sign the bill authorising the referendum? Will she campaign in the referendum against SSM? Will the government be forced to move to impeach her, then? What larks!

What about a possible EU treaty, which isn’t beyond the realms of the possible? She has already said that she will not sign a treaty that puts an EU constitution over an Irish constitution. Aside from the fact that this is already the de facto case (how would she know that, she was only an MEP for 5 years?) does that means that if the treaty, which will almost certainly cede budgetary powers to an EU institution, does not have the word “constitution” in it she’ll sign it? Or refuse? Supposing she attempted to address the Irish people without the government’s approval? What would RTE do? Who would they side with? Pure popcorn country.

By the way, the US citizenship issue will do her little harm, although it does say something about the mindset of the Irish people. When we understand that even the president of the country wants to hold on to a US passport, just in case things don’t work out, that’s surely saying something, isn’t it?

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