Do Fine Gael own shares in a banana plantation?

I ask because it would explain how they’ve managed to walk on yet another banana skin of their own manufacture over this pairing arrangement. As usual, it has all the hallmarks of a classic Fine Gael 5 minutes to closing time wheeze: A germ of a good idea completely ballsed up by a lack of planning or consultation with the people needed to make it work, their nominal future coalition partners. It’s a peculiar thing to Fine Gael, like the time they decided not to use election posters or turn down corporate donations. They get a half day of publicity,  it falls apart, and then put themselves at a disadvantage for months afterwards. They just don’t seem to talk to anyone about this stuff.

Curiously, it was always my experience when I was involved in youth politics that young Fine Gaelers socialised primarily with other FGers. We used to meet with people from Labour and FF, yet almost none of us knew (FF and Labour included), in an active social sense, people from FG. It was as in they wanted to avoid contamination. The problem was, when you did meet them, their views were so uncontaminated by contact with other political ideas that they sounded like a teenager who got all his opinions from his dad, who in his eyes could do no wrong.

Po-Face of the Week Award goes to MJ Nolan TD for “demanding” an apology from Jay Leno over the Brian Cowen picture. You can’t have it both ways, You can’t pose for photos to show you’re one of the lads, and then complain when someone says you’re one of the lads. 

One thought on “Do Fine Gael own shares in a banana plantation?

  1. Fantastic again Jason. They are very good at digging holes. Listening to Sam Smyth show on TodayFM, FG were defending the Catholic Church, always a vote getter in 2010!

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