Dog kicks cat. Cat kicks mouse. Mouse kicks ant. FF kicks EU.

Being a former Progressive Democrat, I’m well aware of this old Fianna Fail fallback. Back in the day, Fianna Fail TDs used to go on the radio and have a go at their junior coalition partner. I remember one clown having a go at the PDs until Cathal MacCoille asked him what specific PD policy he was against. The TD in question flustered for a few minutes, and then said that whilst he had no problem with any of the policies, he didn’t like the “tone” of the PDs. This is classic Fianna Fail. No party has been more responsible for shaping our relationship with the EU, and now they are bitching about it? But what’s even more galling is that deep down, Fianna Fail aren’t really eurosceptic, and would carry on as before if they were back in office.

So, just to keep, you know, the facts on the table:

Which entity ran the Irish economy into the ground?

Answers; A) Fianna Fail, B) The European Union, or C) When bad things happen, it’s a global recession. When good things happen, it’s down to Fianna Fail economic mastery. 

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