Eddie Izzard: Natural Politician.

Eddie Izzard’s party political for Labour here. Have a look. He’s such a good, natural communicator. Wouldn’t be surprised if you see him as a Labour MEP in a couple of years.

2 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard: Natural Politician.

  1. He has mentioned running before, was it on Jonathan Ross a while back? And while he does communicate his message well, the problem is that a bit like the PD message in 2007 (don’t throw it all away!) it’s a counter negative one. It’s countering a mindset that is not interested in whether or not Labour saved the world, or how the Tories might do awful things to the HSE after class under the guise of grooming it for a bright future, perhaps on stage in the theatre. I do think that the notion of Thatcher’s children, pushed just the right way, will hurt the Tories in the votes of those in their 40 for whom hating Thatcher was part of their teenage religion. But those people could drift instead to the LibDems.

  2. Yeh but,

    Eddie Izzard supports Labour. He was funny from when I first saw him, about 10 years ago. Doing the stuff he did 10 years ago.

    What ZaNuLiebore haven’t realised is that the people who like Eddie Izzard are not C2DE voters. They are now over 40, homeowners, business owners and have children they would rather not see stabbed by their fellow, newly integrated students in a sink estate comprehensive.

    BTW Lucky Eddie himself was privately educated at St Beades Boarding School in (oo er missus) …Upper Dicker, Sussex, before becoming a multi millionaire and moving to America.

    Labour MEP ? why not – seeing as the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty (which we didn’t get a vote on) provided for a net expansion in the number of MEPs from 736 to 754,

    But hang on

    the expansion hadn’t come into effect when the European election took place last June. The Parliament could have , of course, simply adopted the Lisbon formula; but doing so would mean dropping three Germans – and, naturally, MEPs are horrified by the idea of curtailing the mandates of three of their own. Alternatively, the Parliament could have kept the three Germans and admit the 18 newcomers; but this would require a treaty change, which might trigger a referendum in the UK.

    The solution?

    To keep the Germans and offer the extra 18 “observer status”, meaning that they can attend, claim their salaries and pick up their allowances, but not vote.

    Further evidence that the chief purpose of the EU is to look after people who work for the EU.

    Mind how you go………

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