Election 2011 Notes.

As we enter the last three days of on-air campaigning, a few observations:

The Greens: Watching the Greens launch their Oil Free policy yesterday, one can’t help wondering at times how insular they can be as a party. Yes, it’s an important policy, but do they really believe that’s the issue they want to use what little media attention they get on? Do they really believe that’s what might save a few final seats? Really?

Labour: If someone had told me two months ago that the party headquarters with the greatest feeling of dread as polling day approached would not be Fianna Fail but Labour, I’d have thought they were mad. Yet there must be Labour people going into the toilet to puke with every new poll. And sitting Labour TDs suddenly looking at the running mates they were going to elect with their huge surpluses and getting nervous. Have I started seeing more Eamon Gilmore posters suddenly appearing in Blackrock?

Fine Gael: If Labour are puking, you can just imagine how giddy they are in Blue Central. People forget, but Fine Gael just never win anything, so this is such a novelty for them. Bet there’s a run on the morning after pill on Sunday and Monday morning. It’s really quite amazing how randy electoral success coupled with the pressure cooker of an election campaign can make people. People you’d never dream of end up in bed together. Of course, I was a PD, so what would I know?  

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