Election 2011 Notes.

Is it just me, or are there considerably less election posters this time? Even discounting for the bad weather ripping down posters and firing them at passing civilians (narrowly avoided a cartwheeling Michael Martin on the Long Mile Road earlier this week, and I’m still traumatised by an earlier incident in my life when Barry Andrews mounted my bonnet and rubbed furiously against my windscreen as he stared at me with his dead eyes) the quantities just don’t seem to be there, except for Fine Gael. I wonder, have the moneymen who propped up Fianna Fail for so long already scuttled across the aisle?

Speaking of money, given that Fianna Fail are apparently €3m in the hole already, and will run up another couple of 100k on this contest, they must be looking at big, big problems post election. Maybe they’ll look for their suppliers to take a haircut? 

Finally, I’m surprised that no one has latched onto the provision in Fine Gael’s FairCare health proposal here to make it compulsory for people to buy health insurance. I’m not sure it’s a bad idea, but I’m surprised no one has raised it during the campaign.

2 thoughts on “Election 2011 Notes.

  1. The more I read about this proposal the more I am actually convinced it is a “radical” Fine Gael idea that will work. The Universal Health Insurance system is essentially what the Obama administration brought into law with ACA. If everyone has to buy insurance including the young and the healthy then health premiums will go down because more healthy people are paying into system.

    One good reason to vote Fine Gael!

  2. It is just you, Jason; for the rest of us there’s fewer posters, not “less”.

    Of course we’ve spotted the compulsory element of the FG health proposal – it’s Obamacare for Ireland. But since the lefty media in Ireland venerate the great one in America they can hardly complain about the same thing in Ireland.

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