Election by After Eight.

A particularly minty form of ballot paper.

A particularly minty form of ballot paper.

Although the eurosceptic nonsense about the EU being undemocratic is just that, there is nevertheless, the fact that it is not democratic in the sense that any European voter would recognise it. Consider how the new EU president is being chosen: Tony Blair is the big name, but it is very possible that the leaders of Europe, over coffee and mints, could suddenly agree on a name for whom most Europeans will go “Who the hell is that? Is that the guy who fixed our fridge when it broke down last year? Looks like him. Of course, I’d have to see the crack of his arse poking out from the back of his jeans to be sure.” How on Earth can you build democratic legitimacy with that carry-on? 

It is just not  good enough. This person will eventually have the trappings of a head of state, and therefore the people of the EU who pay them are going to have to get a say. And I don’t mean through the European Parliament either. 

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  1. How will it end? Most people won’t give a toss, that’s how. I don’t like the system either, but I don’t think the British are in a great position to be lecturing about democracy. After all, the president is being chosen by elected leaders. Who elected Elizabeth II? In fairness, no British PM has gotten close to half the votes in a general election since the 1970s. David Cameron will probably be elected with less than 45%, that is, 55% of British voters opposing him. That’s democratic?

  2. Democracy is being abolished in Europe. 450 million people are about to be given a president whom they have not elected and who was recently thrown out of government by his own people and who cannot be dismissed by the will of the 450 million. This is being done by an unelected elite who have grabbed the levers of power and control the lives of the 450 million.

    One question

    How do you think this will end?

    Kind regards

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