Enda: I meant to say “Abolish Clannad”, not Seanad.

The taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, has moved to clarify remarks he made before the election which were interpreted as meaning that he supported the abolition of Seanad Eireann. Addressing members of the media as he went on a walkabout in Castlebar yesterday, curing leprosy and distributing loaves and fishes, he suggested that a bad microphone had meant that the audience has misinterpreted what he had actually said.

“What I actually said what that I supported the abolition of, eh,¬†Clannad, the folk rock band. Can’t stand them, with all that “Robin The Hooded Man” stuff”

When challenged that he was now opposed to the abolition of the upper house because Fine Gael were about to have their best result ever in the Seanad elections, Kenny expressed surprise that there actually were Seanad elections. A party spokesperson¬†added later that the fact that the taoiseach was not aware that the Seanad was elected just went to show how in touch with the Irish people he was, as they didn’t know the Seanad was elected either.

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