Enda to debate “when Jupiter in line with Aquarius”

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has issued another demand to be met before he would be willing to participate in a three way debate on TV3 with Eamonn Gilmore and Michael Martin. “It is quite apparent to me that the most optimum moment for my participation is when Jupiter is in line with Aquarius, nine sparrows are seen flying west over the GPO, and¬†Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane. Until then, no dice.” Deputy Kenny’s remarks were in addition to previous demands that the debate be as broad as possible to include five party leaders, Yoda from the “Star Wars” franchise, a man whom Enda met in Roscrea who makes cathedrals out of matchsticks, and “How to look Good Naked” presenter Gok Wan. Fine Gael also insisted that the debate be broadcast simultaneously in Minnesota and translated into Serbo-Croat. The Mayo deputy¬†insisted that he would not participate in a debate with Vincent Browne because the veteran broadcaster “gave him a look” in 1997.

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