Eoghan Murphy statement.

Eoghan Murphy

Eoghan Murphy

Eoghan Murphy, who is running for Fine Gael in Dublin South East, issued a statement yesterday that is a model of clarity for other politicians to follow. It was a one line statement saying, quite simply: “Homosexuals should be allowed to marry.”

Same-sex marriage is not the most important issue in this election. But it goes to the heart of what sort of people we aspire to be. Apparently, our Dail will meet for much longer hours from now on, so we will have time to deal with job creation  AND the banks AND same-sex marriage, AND political reform and a lot more besides.

Eoghan Murphy has done his bit. It’s now time for liberal voters in Dublin South East to support our people on the ballot paper. You know what you have to do.

And don’t forget, if you can’t give a particular liberal candidate your first preference, you can help him by making sure to give him a higher preference then you do his party running mate. Whomever that may be. Transfers are going to be VERY important tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Eoghan Murphy statement.

  1. Sorry Peter, but you are wrong. Children are forced to engage in Paedophilia. That’s why it is illegal. They can’t give consent. As for the other things, I’m opposed to forcing them upon others. Hundreds of thousands of Irish people engage in the abuse of legal controlled substances everyday. Or maybe you’re a prohibitionist? Just because one form of marriage has existed for thousands of years, that means nothing. So did slavery, rape within marriage, and the right to beat one’s wife. Guess what? They were wrong, despite their longevity.

    But here is what I can’t understand: What actual tangible effect will same sex marriage have on YOUR marriage with YOUR wife? If Adam and Steve next door get married, how will it actually affect yours?

    You are right that we will probably need a referendum, and I would expect to lose the first one. But five years later, we will win it. Like segregation, history and demographics is on our side and with every year your position will be seen to be just a little bit more extreme, as what happened with George Wallace. In the end he apologised and did a complete u-turn. I have no doubt that the same will apply to Lucinda. But like equal rights for women and other minorities, this is inevitable.

  2. So you believe in a moral free for all? No one forces you to engage in paedophilia, or incest or arson, or drug abuse. Marriage is a thousands year old rite between a man and a woman. That’s what it is. Pretending that two men can marry is just pretending. And calling stephen gately’s partner “husband” is linguistic nonsense. Why not call him his “wife”? Makes as much sense.

    Fact is the constitution has defined marriage and if you want to change it you’ll have to get a constituional amendment.

  3. There is a distinct difference between people who do not approve of same-sex marriage, which is a legitimate view, and those who wish to deny those who believe in SSM the right to make their own choice about it. The latter is far more illiberal. I respect LC’s right to not support it. I do not respect her belief that she can impose her views on me. People opposed to SSM will never be forced to participate in a same sex marriage. Yet they demand the right to prevent those who wish to from doing so.

  4. The reaction to people who do not support same sex marriage has been disgracefully illiberal. Intolerant abuse of Lucinda Creighton has been quite disgusting.

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