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EU accounts dodgy? You’d think people in British glasshouses would know better…

Posted by Jason O on Dec 21, 2009 in European Union |

Got a receipt for that, then?

Got a receipt for that, then?

The always excellent Jon Worth makes a very valid point here about the old eurosceptic chestnut of the EU’s unsigned accounts.

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mike randall
Mar 25, 2012 at 4:34 pm

You are the epitome of the modern Irish male narcissist , the “its graand attitude” , of our society. What kind of idiot claims that a functioning government cannot account for every cent of moneys spent ? If we could account where the money is going we would not have as much drama as we do now , of course the cliche mindset of an aspiring wannabe political class or above has you preaching and supporting such simple minded views made complex by legal jargon and financial terms . Your such good craic Jason , I believe in your social bubbles vernacular you say ” your maaaad “. The modern Irish “Dub” , you dont have to be born in Dublin to be one , it is rather one who has a career or worse still considers themselves an entrepreneur (contributes very little to humanity with chosen career ),is mega important in their own mind and has written an ebook along with many other failed business ventures(not their fault ) , does a bit of “coke” at the weekends cause its” Graaand like “, drinks like a fish ,is obese because of the fillet steak and chips with bernaise diet of the modern Irish male narcissist , will not acknowledge that they are obese/over weight because the inner voice says you are amazing, fancy’s themselves as a straight talker because confidence was such an issue growing up and that time in London hurt because the insecure Irish boy could not handle people who were straight.
Of course none of this is you ,you are amazing , has it all worked out and defined ,fuck humanity its all about you Jason and the friends you aspire to have within the political class and above , the rest are just animals roight?



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